14 March 2022

Steel Dynamics medium section mill for AIC's robotic tagging station in the American market.

Steel Dynamics, Inc. (SDI), one of the largest domestic steel producers and metals recyclers in the United States, will install an AIC automatic tagging solution based on robotics application. It will be integrated into tag bundles at the finishing end of the company's medium section mill in Columbia City (IN, USA), by replacing human time-consuming and repetitive operations, as well enhancing worker safety releasing them from manual operations in the finishing area.

The turn-key packet holds a stand-alone ABB floor-mounted robot, that integrates smart double camera sensors running artificial vision algorithms. A QR code reader is included to double-check the printed data (by laser printers in backup configuration) with bundle data coming from plant tracking. Included in the robotic cell, a coloured tags dispenser to indicate special bundles with colour coding, up to 6 different colours to be associated with the printed tag. In the out-turn, traceability and efficiency will be automatically achieved in the plant.

Therefore, integrating SIEMENS PLC, the processes outcomes will be mapped through direct and indirect real-time data exchange. Round out of the package, safety access and control of the entire area will be handled through trapped keys handled by safety PLC, avoiding risky operations and insuring maintenance safety operations.

The full robotic island will be installed at the site during the second semester of 2022 and commissioning will be ultimate before the end of this year.

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