04 March 2022

Restarting operations at the rebar manufacturing plant in New Jersey's finishing end area

After the interventions focused on the modernization of the electrical and automation parts in the finishing end area, production on the rebar manufacturing plant in New Jersey has been resumed last week.

The goal of the supply is to improve the controlling and commanding of overall processes.
The package primarily involved the supply of a PLC panel outfitted with Allen Bradley ControlLogix for the bundler electrical room, a remote I/O for Tyer electrical room panel, and an operator station with a control desk installed at the bundler pulpit (as was done inside the 500 Shear pulpit on the most recent upgrade job).

We dedicated ourselves to improving some cycles and fine-tuning the HMI, such as developing a way to see what alarms are locking out equipment and reorganizing the signals in the Tyer HMI screen to be in sequence.

The entire rolling process at the finishing end area has been stabilized, and it is still being tested by our engineers directly in the plant to ensure that all parts are working properly.

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