05 April 2022

Greenfield high-performance project for Suryadev Chennai-based steel mill

AIC recently commissioned the greenfield 350,000TPA Rolling Mill for Suryadev Alloys and Power Ltd (SAP), one of the largest steel manufacturers based in India.

The new high-speed mill will produce 8mm-40mmm rebar at a maximum rated speed of 28m/s applying single slit rolling. The mill is equipped with fewer stands, Quenching & Tempering systems, and discharge with high-speed twin channel systems.
AIC has rolled all the sections successfully and trails are underway to take the mill up to the rated maximum speeds. The entire mill is automatically controlled by an advanced industry 4.0 compliant automation system (RACS), engineered and supplied by AIC India (Bangalore), ensuring full process control, and minimizing manual interventions.

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