03 April 2020

The second installation of the robotic tagging application at Ferriera Valsabbia, Italy.

The second installation of the robotic tagging application has been completed by AIC at Ferriera Valsabbia in Odolo, Italy. The new automated tagging process at the head of finished product bundles and the improved data tracking system increase the efficiency of the process, reduce downtimes and optimize the resources. Due to the higher flexibility of the robot, the tagging process is carried out in several production directions.

The installed robotic tagging island includes:
- Anthropomorphous robot with control unit and portable unit.
- End-Effector composed of pneumatic pliers (to pick up the nail) and the welder machine (to weld the nail to the bundle).
- Automatic nail feeding system.
- Dual camera 3D vision sensor.
- Two QR code readers
- Backup printer bench equipped with the pneumatic gripper.

The key elements of the island are:
- the vision system capable of acquiring a 3D image of the bundle and providing the result in just 1.5 seconds;
- the integration of the island within the existing system using the PLC.

In addition, the robotic tagging application increases the safety level of operators who were previously in a dangerous position next to the crane.

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