05 June 2020

Rolling mill yield improvement project at African Foundries ltd.

The optimization of the rolling mill at African Foundries Ltd. in Nigeria was performed using Automazioni Industriali Capitanio (AIC) technology. The goal of the project was to increase the productivity (i.e. maximizing the non-defective product) while increasing the profit margin of the plant & optimizing productivity with a great improvement of efficacy, efficiency & rolling performances without any investment in new mechanical equipment.

Thus, new command logic for the delivery area was designed by AIC. Cooling bed is now running on torque mode that allows the load on the pinch rollers to be balanced. PLC of line A & line B has now been synchronized with the mill. Moreover, all rolling mill shears have been synchronized with the line speed. This step also included new auxiliary service control logic, as well as high-speed and cut apron lines automation with cut length optimization.
The AIC controller gives the system the possibility to optimize the position control thus reducing the load necessary by the shears for cutting. This will reduce the wear and tear on both the mechanical equipment, the electrical drives and motor system increasing the total life cycle of the equipment.

As was mentioned by the customer, AIC has excellently completed its jobs. After successful commissioning, there was improvement in yield of the mill, stability in a cooling bed area, cut to cut length accuracy in crop shear and diving shear, section wise recipe for every section can be saved in HMI and all mill HMI were integrated in single HMI.

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