20 October 2019

Rodacciai rolling mill has been successfully modernized by AIC in Sirone (LC, Italy).

Automazioni Industriali Capitanio (AIC) successfully completed the rolling mill modernization at Rodacciai in Sirone (LC), Italy. AIC has covered the modernization of the control system by replacing the obsolete PLC Siemens S5, the VME controller and installing the S7-1500 PLC with a state of art rolling mill automation control system and developed the Level 1, Level 2 tracking and recipe software development.

As a result, the rolling mill modernization has led to:
-Improvements during the change of the heat thanks to the new tracking system;
-Improvements for maintenance and troubleshooting. All remote I/Os installed into the stands control panels have been dismantled, as well as the old VME controller;
-Improvement in the mill settings for stands acceleration due to the implementation of new adjustment functions.

The production has started at full capacity since day one without any hot tests or delay.

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