31 May 2022

FAT successfully accomplished for structural mill drive upgrade at Gerdau Whitby.

In April end, Gerdau granted AIC the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), after tests were executed in the Italian workshop.

The overall project goal is centered on a new drive cabinet and PLC/HMI modifications for the replacement of the rougher DC drives and AC drive panel on Stands 2-3 Conveyors, to better control the Whitby Structural Mill (ON, Canada). All drives will be designed in the same manner as the AIC-supplied Bar Mill from 2018 for the client.

All the possible system integration tests were run, all the drive panels have been inspected, and AIC dedicated all related resources for a full week to complete the tests. Engineers from both sides collaborated as a team to complete the task smoothly and quickly.
As evidence, Gerdau team was fully pleased with AIC's effort and dedication to FAT, and the quality of AIC's design, programming, purchased components, and workmanship in building panels.

The equipment commissioning will be carried out in end-September.

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