22 July 2022

E&A equipment upgrade for the new Turkish Mescier Group section mill

Automazioni Industriali Capitanio will supply completely renovated electrical and automation equipment for the new Mescier Section Mill at Karabük, in Turkey. The project will relocate an AIC plant installed for a different customer in Turkey (2005), adding to the other two rolling mills already operating at the site.

The project will aim to increase the productivity of the site and expand to different market products, mainly sections and profiles.
The project includes the re-use, as much as possible, of the previously supplied equipment for automation and power systems. Conversely, the HMI and mill supervision system will be replaced with brand-new devices due to the obsolescence of the existing IT components.

Added to the package will be included engineering & electrical drawings for the new cooling bed entry and exit areas. This step will enable the customer to efficiently perform mill control systems and optimize cut length cycles.

The production startup is estimated in 2023.
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