02 November 2022

Caster Oscillators revamping for GERDAU Jackson, Tennessee (USA)

AIC North America team has been contracted to revamp caster oscillators for GERDAU Jackson melt shop plant in Tennesee, USA.

The revamping will involve replacing the existing PLC panels with new 4 Strand Oscillators PLC panels.
AIC technology for oscillators is developed internally by the PLC based on Allen Bradley ControlLogix5000 platform and it will be fitted to handle the 4 strands oscillators, the new software will be interfaced with the existing Caster PLC.

New HMI screens will also be developed for the touch panel installed on the cabinet front door and new screens will be developed for the existing Caster HMI system.
This will provide more streamlined supervision and more integrated plant control.

The entire PR is here available:
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