04 May 2020

AIC upgrades the reheating furnace at CMC Florida in Jacksonville, FL, USA

Automazioni Industriali Capitanio upgraded the reheating furnace Level 1 combustion control system at CMC Florida in Jacksonville, FL, USA.

The scope of supply included the field activities, design, manufacturing, internal testing, supply, installation assistance, commissioning and startup activities of the electrical and automation (E&A) part to control and command the gas combustion within the reheating furnace at the rolling mill, the new PLC / HMI system for the combustion control system, which is based on the ControlLogix platform from AB and FactoryTalk running on Stratus virtual server and thin clients configuration. It has improved the functioning of the main track for the gas feeding, safety controls and combustion. 

The commissioning of the complete system was scheduled for February 2020, and it took just one week of shutdown to replace completely the obsolete old combustion system.

This part of the upgrade increased the efficiency of the plant and the flexibility of the automation system. For example, some of the targets of this project are to reduce gas consumption and scale at the reheating furnace.

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