26 September 2019

AIC has successfully accomplished the revamping of EAF2 automation at Alfa Acciai in Brescia (BS), Italy.

During the last summer shutdown, AIC has commissioned the complete revamping of EAF2 automation at Alfa Acciai (Brescia, Italy) with the main target to replace the obsolete PLC GE 90-70 and related remote I/Os with Rockwell ControlLogix & GuardLogix Safety PLC.

Starting from the engineering phase in March, the project has been successfully accomplished according to the time schedule thanks to the active and efficient collaboration between the customer and the AIC’s staff, both during the erection phase and software tests.
Currently, the new automation system provides an easier and safer management of all auxiliary machines of EAF2 and this allowed an effective start-up of the Meltshop without any stops for E&A reasons; the plant completed n°28 castings during the first day of production with a complete satisfaction of both Alfa Acciai and AIC.

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