22 February 2017

AIC gets Gerdau Cambridge Reheating Furnace Final Acceptance Certificate

AIC receives Gerdau Cambridge (ON, Canada) Reheating Furnace Combustion Project Final Acceptance Certificate

The project was the first for AIC in Cambridge (ON, Canada) and came after good performances obtained by AIC at Gerdau Whitby plant. It consists of replacing the old combustion system platform based on opto22 system keeping handling automation as existing based on PLC ABB AC800.
Scope of supply:
- Design, manufacture and test of all PLC architecture to regulate RHF combustion, including several remote I/O’s
- Safety architecture to manage all remote controlled burners and ignition systems
- Integration of the new equipment with existing IBA platform
- New SCADA stations with Wonderware Intouch
- PLC and HMI software development
- Level 2 software development to better regulate combustion at the furnace with material tracking and curves setup with reheating strategies
- Interface with the plant’s existing QMOS system
- Engineering, technical documentation and on-site tests to get approval from TSSA to operate the reheating furnace Equipment tests, supervision to erection, commissioning, training and production assistance
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