01 March 2015

AIC ends a notable revamping project of ORI Martin Brescia rolling mill

AIC has succesfully accomplished a main revamping project of the ORI Martin's rolling mill, Brescia plant, during the latest shutdown of the end of the year.

The job has been divided into two steps and it began the latest August 2014 with the target to dismantle a set of obsolete DC Drives and to replace them with state of the art equipment.
During the first phase AIC replaced the drives of 2 stands of bar rolling mill before the cooling bed, the drive of Start/Stop shear cooling bed entry and the drive of head/tail Start/Stop shear (with deviator); this latter machine is managed through 2 DC motor in axis both mechanical and electrical, controlled by two 1600A DC drives in master/slaveconfiguration.
The second step has been focused on the supply of a new MCC panel for the control of the mill lubrication unit and a 2100A DC drive suited to command of the new 0H stand, installed by the customer upstream of the mill. This new stand will allow the customer to increase the range of the billets he may roll and to improve the flexibility in face of possible higher productive potentialities.
The great cooperation between AIC and ORI Martin allowed a really fast and successfully commissioning of the new equipment, up to improve the foreseen production schedule.
The new supply will also ensure a reduced stress on the mechanical components and a reduction in terms of energy consumption, thanks to the optimization of machinery software control and a related lower current consumption.
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