30 January 2020

AIC completed the modernization at Ferriera Valsabbia in Odolo, Italy.

Automazioni Industriali Capitanio (AIC) has completed the modernization at Ferriera Valsabbia in Odolo (Italy) by improving the Roughing Mill Safety and replacing the Rolling Mill CPU.

The Roughing Mill Safety was increased by the integration of new protection gates to the stands with 3 different safety levels depending on the access type required by the operator. Particularly, two new SafetyBoxes were installed to divide the stands into two groups (S01->S07 and S08->S11) from which it is possible to set the access in three different modes: ENERGY 0; STAND CHANGE; TESTS.

The Rolling mill CPU replacement included the hardware (and firmware) update of all the CPUs present in the Rolling Mill. The new CPUs perform better and provide the possibility to manage easier any Software additions.
The modernization was performed during the winter holidays shutdown.

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