30 September 2016

AIC announces the opening of AIC SOUTH AMERICA

AIC is continuously making stronger its presencein America and after the opening of AIC North America in 2011, this year thenew company AIC SOUTH AMERICA ENGENHARIA E COMERCIO DE ELETROELETRONICOS E LTDA(AICSA) was opened, in collaboration with the partners Jose Martinez Inocȇncio Puga, Fernando Cesar Dutra Vieira and Daniel Stephan Stigelius Pedreira.

A qualified and specialized team with many years of expertise in the steel industry is for AICSA an opportunity to apply the AIC technology, based on more than 40 years of experience, in the Latin American territory. The main target is thus to ensure added value to the activities of its customers and offer new solutions and a quick and efficient service. The secret is think globally and act locally: the new AIC branch has been thought to stay close to the customers and the choice of Sao Paulo, the biggest city in Latin America, allow immediate connections throughout the world as well as fast and efficient level of assistance.

The new subsidiary will be responsible for complete automation projects, power control, electrical cabinets, MCCs, safety systems, data acquisition, level 2 systems, energy consumption analysis and management, small revamping, technical assistance, spare parts as well as MV switchgears and substations.
AIC SA will be focused on technical assistance, engineering, supervision to erection, commissioning and fine tuning.

The extensive worldwide growth of the AIC group started about ten years ago and after India and the USA, AIC has decided to invest in Brazil. It is not an hazard, because AIC boasts a significant and important customers in the South American area, therefore a basis for being a growing player in this country is actual.
 The year 2015 the South American market accounted for AIC 10% of the total, therefore a direct sales presence is fundamental to maintain the strategic position already achieved and to especially increase the turnover, thanks to stronger relationships with customers and research of new partners.

The target of this new opening is the continuous innovation and improvement of the internationalization process that characterizes the AIC company.

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