The autonomous trimming and sampling system of wire rod coils.

Publisher: Millennium Steel International 2022
Section: Finishing Process
Page 107-111: The autonomous trimming and sampling system of wire rod coils.

Regardless of all the wonderous technologies such as high-speed rolling equipment, artificial technologies and digital twins, when rolling wire in a long product rolling mill, the head and tail are normally of inferior quality. Thus, the finished coiled products must be regularly trimmed and sampled, and in almost all cases, this is a 100% manual operation.

AIC Group has developed an ambitious mechanical system, AIC TrimBot, using both vision technology and industrial robotics, including mechanical parts, 3D vision systems, a high level of automation and artificial intelligence. It will be able to perform automatically both trimming and sampling in wire rod rolling‚mills worldwide, without any human intervention, except for monitoring and supervision activities.

This disruptive technology will lead to some benefits as:
- Bottlenecks & Human injuries (such as burns, lacerations, sprains, strain and fatigue) reduction;
- Labor cost saving by eliminating manual trimming and sampling operations;
- Yield, accuracy and product quality improvement.
- Shortly installation and start-up times required, with a low footprint impact.